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4683 Mercury Street Suite H
San Diego, CA, 92111

(888) 382-5164

Logogramm is a graphic design studio based in Southern California. Our team specializes in brand identity for organizations, small businesses, and individuals. We are also a team of experts creating custom letters for both businesses and personal needs.

Our Story


Logogramm Design is art and design studio providing paper based products and services. We have been around here for four years in San Diego, California, creating logotype, lettering and writing in calligraphy. Through our services and products, we have tried to impart the message of faith, hope and love to people who are interested in our arts and design. Sign Up to get Newsletter and free giveaways!

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We provide design services on Logotype Design, Monogram Design and Lettering. Please tell us about your story behind the brand and details about what you expect to get from our service. Let us know how much the project value to you and your business. We want to hear from you to provide the best solution. 

Our Brand

We named our company as Logogramm Design with a couple of intentions. Simply people would easily catch the word 'logo' when they need one. Intentionally we named our name representing what we do besides creating logo. We want deliver a message of Faith, Hope and Love that we have tried to impart through our services and products. The word, logogram is origin from Greek logos means 'word' and gramma means 'letter of the alphabet.' We reinterpreted that as 'letter(ing) of God's word.'

For the look of our logo, we designed it that has simple and neutral image by creating a simple monogram. The form itself is easy to be applied to our products produced in various sizes and materials, also it catches eyes when it is in circular form.