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4683 Mercury Street Suite H
San Diego, CA, 92111

(888) 382-5164

Logogramm is a graphic design studio based in Southern California. Our team specializes in brand identity for organizations, small businesses, and individuals. We are also a team of experts creating custom letters for both businesses and personal needs.


New Listings | Calligraphy Services

Jee Kim

We have updated our pages quite a bit here and there, and added new modern calligraphy services we provide. Basically we write custom quotes in modern style calligraphy using a copperplate pointed pen or a brush. Provide us a desire quote, the Bible verses or a wedding vow. We also beautifully write full names with watercolors. You may choose option for names as full name and couple's first names. Click the images to find out more about each services. 

Starry Starry Night

Jee Kim

Painting things of nature make me think about God’s greatness and His creation. Especially when I look up to the starry night skies, I feel so small, like I’m nothing. At the same time, I’m so grateful as I am reminded that God created the whole universe for us and that’s when I realize I am special to Him.

Without God’s creation, we cannot create a single thing - our creativity is always inspired by what He has done. May my paintings cause you to reflect on our wonderful and perfect creator.

Nocturnal Paintings

Jee Kim

When I look up the starry night skies, I really feel like I'm nothing and small but at the same time I'm so grateful because God created whole universe for us, for me, and I feel I become something special. 

So I started to paint Starry Night Skies with swirls indicating oceans which is another mysterious part of the creation. 

I honestly don't have a specific thesis or philosophy behind these painting series, but just wanted to painting things of nature make me think about His greatness.  


Started to use some gold pearls to demonstrate nocturnal activities.


I tried to "duplicate" the painting once, and I failed to do so. On the other hand, because of the failure I could create a slight different version.


This is the latest work done painting  the same style with the one above.  


Once I figured out I may draw different compositions to create other versions, I tended to have more components.


I stated with three parts, and the each component indicates the starry sky, the deep ocean and the land from the left to right. 


And I have more divisions. For this one, I think, is the most interesting in terms of composition. Originally I painted this piece vertically with specific orders of the elements. I found it is more interesting to me when I rotated its orientation to horizontal. 


The last experiment was cutting the pieces and playing with them to create diverse compositions. This idea came also from failure.  

So why not try more of these? Oh I will keep it up! 

The original arts are available on the shop (some of the are sold out.) Please contact me for custom order or commission work. 

Linoleum Printmaking

Jee Kim

In this post, I love to share the process of linoleum printmaking.
The sketching process was posted: Hope Anchor Soul

This is the sketch for the project. I hand-lettered for the text instead of font typed out (see the linked post above) because that imperfection makes perfect senses for this type of printmaking. 

This is inverted image to transfer the image to the linoleum block. 

This is inverted image to transfer the image to the linoleum block. 

Printed Sketch, Graphite sheet, Linoleum block, Masking tape, Pencil

Printed Sketch, Graphite sheet, Linoleum block, Masking tape, Pencil

Layer up the sketch, graphite sheet and linoleum block together and fix with the masking tape. Then redraw the design over with a pencil. Use a sheet of graphite or fill out the back of the sketch with soft graphite (pencil). Make sure the text must be mirrored if the final outcome looks like the original design. Inverted image makes easy to transfer the design onto the linoleum block.

Carving is very slow and tedious process. It is better not to start with busy mind to prevent cutting myself or the details, especially for the design with letters.  I actually lost my logomark at the end of ribbon. Perfect circle in small scale is something I definitely would avoid next time. 

Embrace the little flaws and imperfections as aesthetics of handmade linocut. 

Christmas Cards

Jee Kim

Christmas is coming soon! There are many different ways to show that you love your friends and families. Writing a letter with a message of warm wishes to them. 

The messages on the cards are written in brush calligraphy. Each design is printed on Neenah Paper's Environment 80 Cover—scored and folded in half, using metallic ink for silver and gold. 

The package of each set includes a envelope and a clear cellophane bag for each card.