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Logogramm is a graphic design studio based in Southern California. Our team specializes in brand identity for organizations, small businesses, and individuals. We are also a team of experts creating custom letters for both businesses and personal needs.


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Nocturnal Paintings

Jee Kim

When I look up the starry night skies, I really feel like I'm nothing and small but at the same time I'm so grateful because God created whole universe for us, for me, and I feel I become something special. 

So I started to paint Starry Night Skies with swirls indicating oceans which is another mysterious part of the creation. 

I honestly don't have a specific thesis or philosophy behind these painting series, but just wanted to painting things of nature make me think about His greatness.  


Started to use some gold pearls to demonstrate nocturnal activities.


I tried to "duplicate" the painting once, and I failed to do so. On the other hand, because of the failure I could create a slight different version.


This is the latest work done painting  the same style with the one above.  


Once I figured out I may draw different compositions to create other versions, I tended to have more components.


I stated with three parts, and the each component indicates the starry sky, the deep ocean and the land from the left to right. 


And I have more divisions. For this one, I think, is the most interesting in terms of composition. Originally I painted this piece vertically with specific orders of the elements. I found it is more interesting to me when I rotated its orientation to horizontal. 


The last experiment was cutting the pieces and playing with them to create diverse compositions. This idea came also from failure.  

So why not try more of these? Oh I will keep it up! 

The original arts are available on the shop (some of the are sold out.) Please contact me for custom order or commission work.