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Logogramm is a graphic design studio based in Southern California. Our team specializes in brand identity for organizations, small businesses, and individuals. We are also a team of experts creating custom letters for both businesses and personal needs.


Lettering Process 2: Tightening and getting ready to digitize

Jee Kim


Tightening the sketch

With consideration of the weight of the letters, color the letters with dark and crisp. Adjust the letter spaces and width of each letters. Correct the angles of letters with following the oblique grid which is 55 degree. See details and redraw if it needs.  

Scanning the sketch

Scan the sketch with high resolution—I usually go up to 300dpi and save the image as tiff. Then adjust contrast with editing tool. It allows to show flaws clearly where need to be corrected. This step is also for digitizing the lettering. There are two different versions of digitizing the lettering. One is quick and easier way to convert the artwork into digital file with high resolution. This way remains sketchy and hand-done feel to it. The other way is vectorizing the artwork with Illustrator or FontLab. 

Next post will be about the quick way of digitizing the artwork.