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4683 Mercury Street Suite H
San Diego, CA, 92111

(888) 382-5164

Logogramm is a graphic design studio based in Southern California. Our team specializes in brand identity for organizations, small businesses, and individuals. We are also a team of experts creating custom letters for both businesses and personal needs.


Learning Lettering in Person

Jee Kim


Hi, I am Jee. I am the designer, artist and founder here at Logogramm Design. I am wondering if anyone has been interested in learning lettering in person? I am based on San Diego, California, and has a small studio space to share.

I am shy person and frozen in public and in front of camera. I probably may not be super confidence in person either, but I am confidence about what I know; I know lettering, I know design and I know how to solve the problem. 

Bring me your lettering and design to get professional critique and consultation. You can also bring piece of paper and a pencil to start drawing with me. 

Learn about me, Jee Kim by clicking the button that will take you to my personal website. Email me any questions about learning lettering in person. 

New Listings | Calligraphy Services

Jee Kim

We have updated our pages quite a bit here and there, and added new modern calligraphy services we provide. Basically we write custom quotes in modern style calligraphy using a copperplate pointed pen or a brush. Provide us a desire quote, the Bible verses or a wedding vow. We also beautifully write full names with watercolors. You may choose option for names as full name and couple's first names. Click the images to find out more about each services. 

Starry Starry Night

Jee Kim

Painting things of nature make me think about God’s greatness and His creation. Especially when I look up to the starry night skies, I feel so small, like I’m nothing. At the same time, I’m so grateful as I am reminded that God created the whole universe for us and that’s when I realize I am special to Him.

Without God’s creation, we cannot create a single thing - our creativity is always inspired by what He has done. May my paintings cause you to reflect on our wonderful and perfect creator.